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(new thread since vulps made the last one and i cant edit the first post etc. here it is if you're curious.)


Hey everyone, some of you might remember ICHZ, run by myself, inta xonem, vulpine and roar of time. we decided to bring it back!

there'll be new forums and some new rules, probably a little stricter than last time to prevent the complete chaos that we had back then, but you probably wont get in trouble for..anything. ;o

also, we've decided we dont need any moderators, so dont ask.

to quote the last thread:
Ichz is a general site which offers a variety of forums. From sports to music, to video games to just about anything else, icanhaszigzagoons is a site that anyone can enjoy. There's a little bit of everything, and since quite a few of us like Pokemon, there's a thread for that as well, so no worries. We have a decently sized, extremely active community, and keeping up can prove to be quite a challenge. ;) We have some rules though, and expect them to be followed:

Forum Rules wrote:
1. No flaming. If you're hurting someone, stop.

2. Unless we say we need moderators, there's no need to ask.

3. When it comes to fanfics, role plays, and such, proper English usage is a must, not only in writing, but in commenting. This means no "wat"s "i liek it"s or anything, even as a joke. Messy posts in such threads will be edited or deleted.

4. Majority rules. For example, if everyone wants a change of smileys except you, the change will happen. If you complain, you will be ignored, or your posts will be deleted or edited, and you wouldn't like the second option. Threatening to leave isn't going to work either.

5. Treat new members with respect, and make them feel welcome.

Ichz is a PG-13+ rated forum, everyone on ichz is above 13, and adult language shows up fairly often. Insulting other members in any way however, as stated in the rules, can result to a ban.

this is the list of users who are there from psypoke, although its probably a bit outdated.


Cellblock (CS1)
DarkMegaMan (Dark_MegaMan)
conman2k8 (Doomsday)
Inta Xonem (inta xonem)
Roar Of Time (MSCONFIG)
Shiny Latios (Shiny)
Registeel_Rocks (Vaporeon)
Vulpine (Vulps)
pokemon ranger (xxWolfy O'Donnellxx)
Valentine (Jailbait)
dragonite (tapioca)
Swift (<333)
*Patchy tickles Swift
DatVu (Octophorpe)

Hopefully we'll be seeing some new faces! :)
Give it a try, it was a great few months of fun for everyone there last year, except for one or two troublemakers. If you dont like it, leave, but we both know that wont be happening. ;)



Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:30 pm
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