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 New pokemon RPG - Pokemon Xenon & Cesium 
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I am a very loyal fan when it comes to many things. Pokemon is one of them, even though it is going down hill. All the other teams sucked (TEAM ROCKET YOU ARE AMAZING) and the whole reason we have these teams and other downers is one thing... STORYLINE!!!... So I have decided to make my own Pokemon game. I am calling it Pokemon Xenon & Cesium, because of the elements Xenon and Cesium. These two elements have the most isotopes meaning they have different forms. Also since most of the isotopes are radioactive and always changing like this game (you will see!!!) I decided it is a perfect name.

• This pokemon game will be realistic. By realistic I mean you will have to eat (but the game wont be taken over by it) and so will your pokemon.(different pokemon food will be better for different pokemon and stats).
• The endless bag will not be put to a stop but no more 99 of every item there will be a limit!
• It will be non turn based
• Your pokemon won’t usually have to forget moves to learn new ones. An exception would be ember ==> flamethrower, and one that would not be an exception is tackle ==> ember.
• You will still be limited to six pokemon but in game you will be told why.
• The moves will be cooler looking and can be affected by environment and other moves. For example stun spore could be reversed by a gust.
• Chat will be less generic (Old man teaching you how to catch pokemon when you have 3!!!)
• You will get to choose what you say instead of hanging with Mario and being speechless (to some degree please don’t pester me about "Its a me Mario" etc.)
• You will be able to go everywhere and pick where you start.
• After the first release I will take fan submitted content like mixes, evolutions, and whole new pokemon all together (the whole new pokemon will be needed for a new region after release).
• There will be tall grass but you wont run around in it to find pokemon, instead the pokemon will free roam in there area and some will attack you and others you will have to attack.
• You will be able to find starters in the wild but they will most likely be rare, and NO CATCHING LEGENDARIES!
• I am thinking of a bank but I am not sure.
To sum it all up if you watched the anime, I want it to be like that, with real life situations we would face if we had pokemon in our lives from the beginning instead of thumbs... actually having thumbs is good its just what we use them to make is not. Some people will think I am insane, and others will say it will take forever. It will take a long time and I am not denying it. Now if all this is not enough the one thing I came up with that will make this game shine is PERSONALITY!!!

• You will pick the side of good or bad (better names would be appreciated ), the class.
• For good, so far I have Trainer (I know obvious), contest person (another name again please ), and maybe breeder and researcher.
• Then for bad, there is rouge trainer, team rocket, and that’s as far as I have gotten.
• Then your personality comes in with the game characters.
• Do you train your pokemon like Ash with love, Gary by just training, or even maybe like the guy in the earlier episodes who made his own gym (100 win thing) and made his pokemon train intensely against things they are not strong against?
• As a rocket you could fail and never get anyone’s pokemon or have amazing plans and capture many others. As a rouge will you find a way to use the Snag balls to steal others pokemon, or will you just go and try to raise strong pokemon and beat everyone.

I am sorry this is so long but I have put a lot of thought into this game and really hope it works out. The reason I am posting it here is one, because I would like criticism and two so I can get help. I would appreciate if you guys could give me ideas for realistic things that I forgot, features you have wanted to see in a pokemon game; new classes and subclasses (the trainer, breeder, rocket, etc.), personalities (since they need to be programmed in), definitely sprites of pokemon and sprites for moves. I will have to make those into spells or however I do them so I would appreciate if the moves were separate from the pokemon. I could also use some backgrounds from the games or ones that you have made yourself but really anything you think will help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone and I can’t wait to start working on it. KEEP POKEMON ALIVE!!!

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- Kurushel

Wed Jun 23, 2010 11:10 am
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