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Are you a fan of Digimon? Ever wanted to go to the Digital World with your very own Digimon partner? Every wanted to be a part of an active plot based around warfare?


Then you should check out Digimon Forum Role Play

You could live a quiet life in the real world, but where's the fun in that? You could be in the Digital World, on a wild adventure with your Digimon partner! You could either save the world, or destroy it!

The Plot:

Anna and Thrush~

"Hold on!"

Smoke billowed up into the air, visible for miles around. In the sky, multicolored flashes of light pocketed the billowing black clouds, lighting up the night air like fireworks. Hospitown was in flames! The immense heat in the main hospital complex caused the windows to shatter, spraying broken glass out into the streets. Out of one broken window, a red dinosaur digimon leapt, hoisting something on his back.

"Don't let go!"

Thrush the Guilmon. Servant of Yggdrasil. Paige to Dukemon. Well loved by all the royal knights. His feet carried him swiftly, crunching over the broken glass and debris as he fled through flaming Hospitown. He and the Royal Knights had attacked to finish off a wounded enemy, who was recovering after the last battle. But when he had seen who it was...

"T-T-Thrush... why are you..."

The girl on his back shifted, coughing through the smoke. Annita Hawthorne. Servant of MV1. Friend and advisor to Lord Barbamon. Respected by all the Demon Lords for her intellect. She had been scoping out Hospitown when she was first injured. The town was so pretty and white, and she had asked the Lords to take it for her. Now, it was all in ruins. She coughed again.

"How long has it been?"

Overhead, the battle continued. Barbamon arrived just as Dukemon and his paige had, and the Lord and Knight now joined in battle. As Thrush and Anna fled, the rest of the Royal Knights and Demon Lords arrived as well, the intensity of the battle growing exponentially. Thrush and his former tamer slid underneath a large stone bridge, at the bank of a stream, taking refuge from falling debris.

"A... a pox on both our houses."

Long ago, Anna had found herself separated from her friend, and partner, Thrush the Guilmon. They never had found each other, both giving up to pursue their own paths in life. Now, their paths had come together again, though head-on opposite each other. None of the Lords or Knights mattered anymore. Neither path could continue.

"Final Elysium!"

"Jigoku no Kaen!"

Two attacks met overhead, meeting midway between the foes and exploding together in a violent rush of destruction. Energy and fire rained down from the sky, slamming into the bridge and the soil around it. One crack formed, then two, before the entire structure burst into a pile of heavy rubble, collapsing down into the river. The rocks blocked the water, causing it to surge up and over the large heavy pile of rocks, immersing everything beneath in a violent torrent of water, lit blood red by the light of the rising sun in the distance...


Nobody won the fight at Hospitown. The Royal Knights failed in their goal to protect it, and the Demon Lords had nothing left of the city worth taking over. In addition, both paid a terrible price during the battle that rocked that quiet cloudless night. It was a sobering lesson for all involved.

Slowly, the war between Yggdrasil and his Knights verses MV1 and his Demon Lords died down. Neither side went out of their way to attack the other, and soon both were settled down too solidly into their various areas to be feasibly attacked at all. The Royal Knights and Demon Lords started to go about their business as normal, forgetting the war and tending to their personal issues. MV1 mysteriously went into recession. No more battles lit up the skies at night.


Not all were pleased by this peace. Yggdrasil gazed out from his perch over the realm, dissatisfied with what he saw. Evil and Good were in balance, he had failed in his quest to reclaim his world. The digimon seemed fine with the balance as well, which was an even worse sign. This world was no longer his to do with what he pleased. And so, as he had done in the past when faced with such a situation, he decided to create a new one.

Time passed. Hospitown was rebuilt, and then expanded upon. From its ruins sprung up a new civilization, Hub City. From here, a great station and gate were constructed, finally connecting the Human and Digital worlds in a stable and practical manner. The city became the center of life for digimon in the Digital World, and a stronghold of peace. Peace that would now be threatened, as a new city appeared floating in the sky: Yggdrasil's Palace.

Want to know more? Then join today! Of course whenever you participate in the plot or not is entirely up to you!

The Staff:

The staff of DFRP is very active, and a rather fun group to be around as well. You can count on them to do their jobs. There are also so many that it's hard to be on at a time when at least one staff member isn't on!

We Also Have:

  • Friendly Members

  • Original Characters

  • Impressive Skins

  • A minimum post limit of one paragraph

  • Custom Digimon

  • And so much more!

And remember, enjoy your stay at DFRP!

If anyone joins, could you go to this thread, and post that you saw me advertise this. Hope to see some of you on there sometime. (Unoriginally, my username on that site is grassking)

Wed Jan 06, 2010 6:17 am
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