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 Pokemon: A New Era (PANE) 
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Long time no see everyone! During the summer I was very active in the RP section of Psypokes. Alas, I was drawn away by another forum that had a very interesting RP section in addition to a generic roleplaying section. Pokemon: A New Era (abbreviated PANE) is this new mysterious interactive roleplay that has become my favorite activity on the Internet. It has even led me to take up a new online name: The Rose Crusader. Don't worry, it is definitely not your average pokemon roleplay. PANE is not one of those forums strictly made for a single RP with no members either; it is part of a huge website known as the Global Trade Station Plus (GTS+ for short) which has the most innovative way of trading pokemon across Wifi on the internet yet. But I'm not here to tell you how great the site itself is, or any other part of its massive forum. I'm here to act as a liaison between our two forums to inform you about PANE. We a GTS+ know that there are a good amount of talented roleplayers either active or that have been active in past RPs on this site, so we thought that it would be for the best to notify you about PANE and maybe even convince to join PANE. Come and see what all the fun is about!

Pokemon: A New Era
My signature will link you to an FAQ about the basics of PANE. In the second post (my own post actually) you will find a series of links that will tell you even more about the PANE universe.

Here is the FAQ that will tell you the most basic integral parts of PANE. I have added certain parts to Monk’s FAQ to make it ore appropriate for members of Psypoke’s forums.

Q:"What is PANE?"

PANE is a text-based Pokemon Role play based in the non-canon region of Furoh.

Q:"What does PANE stand for?"

PANE stands for Pokemon: A New Era.

Q:"What is roleplaying?"

Assuming the role of someone you are not, for purposes of a game. In PANE, you assume the role of a trainer out to achieve their own goals, be it to collect all badges, become a master coordinator, or a breeder out to, uhm, breed.

Q:" What forum is PANE a subsection of?"

PANE is a subsection of the thriving forum GTS+. We offer a unique and innovative trading station where you can various things revolving around pokemon trading. You can put a pokemon up for trade, request other pokemon, and even communicate with whom you are trading with. It is truly the top of the line in online trading programs on the Internet. So just in case you have some down time between RP posts, or need that one final pokemon to finish your pokedex and don't have a lv. 100 Female Combee around for the hackers on the in-game GTS, there's always a chance someone will have that pokemon on GTS+. You can find the site's forums here. (The PANE forum is at the bottom of the page)

Q: "What about chats?"

While there is no PANE specific chat, there is a generic IRC chatroom for the entire GTS+ website. You could meet other RPers here to decide battles for PANE or just talk and have a good time. NOTE: We do NOT tolerate spammers.

Q: What if I don't care about the rest of the site and only PANE? Where could I find the PANE-specific forum?

Either at the bottom of the page on the previous link or the link right here will take you to it.

Q:"This is all great, but what's the point/objective of PANE?"

See the answer to the third question:

"In PANE, you assume the role of a trainer out to achieve their own goals, be it to collect all badges, become a master coordinator, or a breeder out to, uhm, breed." In addition to this, once you have collected all four badges you are allowed to challenge the pokemon league, which is located on Daioh Island.

Q:"Daioh Island? I don't remember encountering that place in any of the pokemon games..."

Which would only make sense. Furoh is a non-canon region created by the moderating team for the sole purpose of PANE. As you can see from the map found from the previous link, Furoh contains 6 cities/towns and 4 of which have a pokemon gym. In addition to these six central locations, there is one island on the northeastern tip of the region named Daioh where the Champion and his E4 challenge resides. Remember, only once you have obtained the four gym badges from the gym leaders can you even travel to Daioh Island to challenge the champion of the Furoh region.

Q:"This all sounds so organized and really cool! How do I join?"

It's quite simple! First, you would have to make an account on the GTS+ Forums. Then, grab this profile template, fill out the blanks, and post it as a topic with your character's name as the subject title. Sadly, you cannot at once jump in. Our moderators must approve the profile, and move it into the "Approved Profiles" section. Don't worry, the moderators will review your submitted profile as soon as the log on so you will never have to wait long for a response. If it has a flaw, the moderator will post what you must change in order to accept it. Edit it, and post to notify, and we'll review it and deny or accept it!

*Here are some of the best examples of profiles that have been created by members of PANE:

John "Gatsby" Madigan – Pokemon Trainer
Melinda Rose – Pokemon Trainer
Matthew Fletcher – Pokemon Trainer (? Now the head moderator of PANE)

Q:"What's the deal with leveling?"

It's simple! After completing an RP, the thread runner will submit it into this thread, where it will be graded by a moderator.

Q:"How long of a post is a good post?"

Post sizes vary, especially during a battle with another trainer. In general, aim for a minimum of 2 good paragraphs. Also, might I suggest simply contacting the other RPer and fighting the battle over AIM or MSN? It is regarded quite favorably in the moderator's eyes.

In PANE, we do take posting and RPing seriously and hold our members to a high level of Roleplaying abilities. For example, Gigarte Park is the roleplay in which I am a main character of right now. If you read some of the posts in the thread, you will obviously see that they are at a much higher level than most of the posts that occur in the Psypoke's Roleplaying section. They are much longer and have a higher standard of quality than Psypokes; both grammatically and creatively wise.

Don't get me wrong, Psypokes is an awesome place to RP in. Believe it or not I began my roleplaying career here back in the summer of 2006. But, if you are interested in taking Roleplaying a step further by participating in this advanced RP, simply contact me. I do realize that this is a lot of information to divulge at one time, and I will be more than willing to take someone under my wing and help him or her. Psypokes is my homeforum, and I will take special care of anyone from this forum that wants to be a member of the PANE community.

And just to clarify any last concerns, we are looking for genuinely interested active roleplayers right now! ;)

If you have any questions at all about anything regarding PANE, my activity on Psypokes, or just want to chat in general simply PM me on either Psypokes, Bunnyland II, GTS+ (The Rose Crusader is my nick there), email me ( or post in this very topic and I’ll respond back ASAP.

I hope that this message has encouraged you to join PANE but most importantly, have a good day.

-Birdknight/The Rose Crusader


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