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Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Welcome to...
.:Team NewMoon:.
One of the newer teams for Pokemon D/P and NetBattle. With Tournaments, Missions, Challenges, and Special Events, it can leave any member satisfied daily.

To make things easier for you to find what you need to know on the team, I'll put everything in the form of an FAQ. When good questions are asked on this thread or via PM, I'll add them with the answer here.

What is Team NewMoon?
Team NewMoon is a Pokemon D/P and NetBattle team where members can come to have fun, compete with other members, set up trades or battles, play games, and more! NewMoon focuses on fun for the members and activity. We try to create a fun and entertaining environment for all members every day, along with other areas where it can be very serious for those who like that. It's one of the newer and lesser known Teams on the internet, but that will definitely change soon.

Do you have a mascot Pokemon?
Team NewMoon actually has two: Darkrai and Cresselia ;491; ;488; Both are related to the night and the moon, and both are very good pokemon.

What activities do you have?
Team NewMoon currently features Tournaments any member can create or participate in, Missions (see below), Challenges for members to overcome, a Gym Challenge (which we are currently working on), Breeding Centers where we can raise your pokemon to a desired level for you and hatch eggs, a scramble area where you can sign up for random pokemon gift packages (for example, randomly choosing 6 different pokemon out of all of them and giving them to you), events, and more coming soon!

What are these missions?
Missions in Team NewMoon are special; they can vary from posting 50 times on the Team forum to beating 10 trainers from a rival team. They are all different difficulties, and all give you certain amount of points which can be redeemed for any item in Pokemon D/P. They offer a variety of challenges that can get you a lot of things if you finish a lot of them.

What can Points be redeemed for?
As mentioned above, they can be redeemed for any item in D/P, from a Potion to a Rare Candy. Key Items don't count, though. Not only that, but they can be used to buy any pokemon. By any pokemon, I mean any; All starters, legendaries, wild pokemon, etc. Not only that, but you can buy shiny pokemon as well through this.

How do I get Points?
Points are given to you for completing missions, challenges, tournaments, etc. They are also given for activity, so more active members will be getting better items and Pokemon quicker than members who sign on once a week.

What do you mean by "challenges"?
Challenges are things members can create for everyone or the NewMoon Council (the leaders of the team) creates. They can be everything from identifying a pokemon described in a riddle to defeating 100 people in a row.

Do you need Pokemon D/P to join?
Fortunately, you do NOT need Pokemon Diamond or Pearl to join this team. You'll be assigned to the NetBattle division of the team, and trained appropriately for it.

Do you have any special groups?
Members will be put through a field and written test whenever they choose to judge their experience and strength when it comes to pokemon; depending on their altogether score, they can be put in different groups. Groups range from the weakest member (Sigma) to the strongest member (alpha) groups.

Do you have to be a good battler to join?
Nope! People who Breed, Farm Berries, or can teach other members about EV training and such are very welcome, too! You can be new to pokemon even, and join our "school" to help teach you how to become a good battler, as well.

How do I join Team NewMoon?
To join, simply post with the following form filled out:

Preferred Division: (NetBattle or D/P)
Group: (Battler, Breeder, Teacher, Student, Farmer, Trader)
Do you have Pokemon D/P?:
Will you be an active member?:
Experience: (Been in a lot of/a medium amount/a little bit of Wi-Fi battles)

Once you post with all that, I'll PM you or reply to your post saying if you can join or not, and PM you with main NewMoon forum location.

Thu Jan 31, 2008 12:48 pm
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher

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Hello Team New Moon my name is Michael Skillern or AshKetchamV2
I would like to Netbattle
I am a battler/teacher/trader
yes i have d/p
yes i will be active
I have loads of experience. I am number 5 on the leader boards for pokemon on

I hope that you will allow me to be a part of your team i fill that i will make a great asset. But, im new to the site so if i dont return your pm for a while its because i dont know how im still seeing what all is on this site.
Well thanks for your time.
-Michael (The new ash ketcham)

Wed May 21, 2008 7:17 pm
Pokemon Trainer
Pokemon Trainer
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Wow, how that netbattles sounds so great o.o I have just few problems. English isnt my mother language so i really dont understand few things and second i cant get my WiFi-connection to work )8 Any help for me so i could try to join your team? ;-;

THANKS TOHammythepig for the Egg & avatar & transportation, and DragonSpear for the sig.
Saint_Jimmy for my awesome TC, Afonso for Palkarai

Wed Aug 20, 2008 10:50 am
Dragon Tamer
Dragon Tamer

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my name will prob be angelo_chronos or midnight
Preferred Division: D/P
Group: Breeder and Farmer, i do both
Do you have Pokemon D/P?: yes
Will you be an active member?: most of the time
Experience: a medium amount

Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:21 pm
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