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 MKPP v5.00 Suggestion Help 
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Hey all!

I want to go over all the features I'm going to put (and potentially put) into MKPP v5.00. I want to know what everyone thinks about it and if there are any other features you may want to have. The list is going to be pretty long, but I hope it'll make everyone both happy and excited! Keep in mind that these features are going to be fully available offline and online, including Chain Breeding (although it'll be slightly different). The items marked with "*" means that it is a totally new idea being added to the program.

Definately Going In:

IV Calculator - This will be more accurate than any of my previous calculators. I found two new patterns that will help narrow down IVs even faster. It will also display all the possible Hidden Power Types and Attack Powers based on the current ranges of your IVs. This will give you an earlier idea about the Hidden Power information, so you will be able to save time not checking a Pokemon you don't want. It will also come with more validation messages, so you will hopefully know exactly why something is "Invalid".

*Simple IV Calculator - Some people dislike my calculator because it looks too complicated to use. I will make another version of it that will only take in a single level. While it can't be as accurate as the multi-level version, it can still take advantage of the same code.

Damage Calculator - I have to redo the entire code for this thing and base it off the results found here: I also plan on trying to make the interface better and easier to use.

Chain Breeding Calculator - This isn't the Radar thing. This is trying to get certain move(s) onto a target Pokemon thru breeding. I've thought about a new approach to this (in code), so I think it will end up being faster and more efficient than ever. Also, all results found by people can be "published" to my website. Then offline and online versions can see if someone already made this search and pull back the results immediately! Thus, the "pain" of waiting should ease after a while. Also, the online version will attempt to find chains, if the number of potential chains is low. Otherwise, it will post a "request" for a chain and the offline versions (if you choose to enable this feature) will periodically pull down these requests, calculate thru the chain, and post the results back online. Thus, if you want to know a chain bad enough, you could make a request and come back in an hour (or less) and get your results!

Hidden Power Calculator - Just want to mention that both versions of this will still be present. Telling you what specific IVs give you and what general IVs would give you a specific Hidden Power Type/Attack Power.

Avatar Calculator - Both 3rd and 4th generations will have calculators in place.

Catch Rate Calculator - I used to have one, but took it out. I will be readding this piece in the hopes that it is accurate.

*EV Calculator - This will calculate what EV range you might have, given a range of IVs/Stat you have.

*Move Attack Power Calculator - Some moves have variable attack powers, so this calculator would determine what the attack power would be given a certain situation.

*IV-Stat Calculator - This will calculate what IV Range is needed to get a stat for a specific level or what stat is needed to get a certain IV range at a specific level.

Stat Calculator
Experience Calculator
Compare Pokemon
Search By Parameters
Search for Best EV Places
Search for Pokemon Locations
Search for Moves
Search for TMs/HMs
Search for Items
Search for Abilities

Plan Pokemon - This is going to be used much more often than before because of the online features I plan on packing into this baby! Keep reading! :) (The general idea of this screen should remain the same, though.)

View Pokemon
View Boxes

*Rate Pokemon Team - You can mark a Pokemon Team that you create for RMT. This will get distributed to everyone online. People using the online (and offline) version can load these RMT requests and type in their comments and post them back to you. You can choose whether you want other people to view the responses or just keep them for yourself. That way, if you are bored and feel like helping someone out, you can just use this program to find RMTs whenever! :)

Strength/Weakness Chart - Specific Pokemon weaknesses.
Graphical Strength/Weakness Chart - Type weaknesses
Nature Chart
*Characteristic Chart
Berry Chart
Plant Berry Reminder - Where you planted them
Berry Calendar - When you need to water them

*IV Battle Matchup - I attempted this with my online version, but it isn't used enough because of obvious flaws. One thing I'm going to do to improve this is provide a chat between the two people, so they can talk to each other while setting up their battle. I also plan on letting the offline and online versions mingle with each other, so you can use the offline version to use the same service. Obviously, you have to be connected to the internet for this to work.

*Battle Matchup - Again, I tried making this online, but it pretty much failed. I'm going to redesign this, but I think I need some input as to what would make this work. It will work with online and offline version together, of course.

*Pokemon Trading - You will be able to setup Pokemon Trade Requests for everyone to see (based on the entries you make in the Plan Pokemon screen). You can put the min/max IVs of every stat, what characteristic, nature, item, min/max level, moves, etc that you want/your Pokemon has. Then you can post saying "I have this Pokemon, I want this one." or "I have this Pokemon, someone make me an offer." or "I want this Pokemon, what do you want for it.". I've noticed no one really making anything for this. Because this will all be stored in a database, everyone will be able to search based on many different options, making your trading experience much nicer. Plus, it will be much easier to find out those cheaters/hackers that post their Pokemon and ban them accordingly (unless marked as such).

*Pokemon Quiz - In older versions, I had a random quiz generator that asked some questions for you to answer. Well, it is going to come back with an upgrade! There will be even more question types along with varying degrees of difficulty. Plus, your scores will be posetd online so you can see the top 50 ranks for each difficulty! Should be pretty interesting, but some of these questions I wouldn't even be able to answer! :)

*Type Converage Calculator - Basically, you select four moves and it will show you a type chart with each move being listed as super effective, etc. That way it would assist people in creating new, unique attack combinations. It would be very useful to people who plan on making their own teams.

*Critical Hit Calculator - Shows the chance of a critical hit based on anything that can modify it.

*Evasion Calculator = Shows the chance to evade an attack based on anything that can modify it.

*Mass IV Calculator - Allows you to enter data for many Pokemon all at once, only one levels worth.

The online and offline versions will have a "sync" capability. That means you can work on stuff offline and then sync it to the online database. Then you can work on the online version somewhere else. When you get home, you can pull that data back down to your offline version and continue working.
The online and offline versions will be translated into many different languages as time progresses and I get volunteers to help. It'll be a huge effort, but the entire site will be viewable in (hopefully) dozens of diffenent languages. The offline version can then get these updates automatically!

Potentially Going In:

*Mass Damage Calculator - I plan on giving you the ability to do a huge number of calculations all at once. Say you want to know how much damage your Pokemon would do to a bunch of potential targets. This would show you the results in a huge grid so you can see what you OHKO or 2HKO and what you don't. YOu can also do it the opposite way. You can find out how much damage other Pokemon would do to your Pokemon given a specific move to see what would OHKO you. It may also tell you what EVs you may want to assign to give the best coverage, but that may go a bit too far. You can always adjust your EVs and re-calculate everything to see that.

Search for Trainer Battles - This data might be too painful to load into the database to make this possible.

*Breeding Probability Calculator - Someone (can't remember who) created a fairly complex breeding statistical calculator. I may try to put something similar into the program, but I'm not sure how many people would be interested in using it.

*Battle Simulator - Who knows when I'll get to this, but I think I will. :)

*Data Validation - If you notice that something in my database is wrong, you can report it to me so I can fix it. Then the offline version will periodically pull down these updates to fix itself. (Online will be fixed immediately anyway).

*Music Player - I might add this back in (I think v2.00 had it), if I can find some DLLs that everyone can use and it won't crash everything.

*Pokemon Team Analysis - I used to have it, but took it out. It will give a breakdown of your team, what it is strong/weak against in general.

Anything else you guys want me to consider?! Thanks!

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