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TownSquare is a nice, formatted website I made some time ago. It has a lot of things in store for you! Like:
-A Pokemon RPG
-Many forums to chat in
-3 live chats for you to choose from to chat in
-Friendly members
-Helpful and Organized topics
-Many Updates
-Forums like Welcome, Updates, Everything Else, Games, and our own website!
And so much more! These are a lot of the good reasons why you should join my Pokemon forum! If you're wondering, the idea of TownSquare was from when I was addicted to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon(I still am), and I was thinking of the Team's TownSquare, originally this was going to be based on the game, but I thought it would be much better if you could discuss more then that, so then I decided to make the forum, TownSquare, on it's opening date.

The site link can be found here:

If you want to affiliate with me, I can PM you the code and we can be affiliates!

The rules link can also be found here: ... howtopic=2

The rules are:
No Cursing, No Harassing Members, Don't copy people's usernames, No Spamming, No Un-G-Rated links, No Poor Behavior, No Personal Info (such as Age, Address, Phone Number, State...), Flaming / Trolling: This is when a user intentionally disrupts a thread by posting inaccurate, inflammatory, or hateful comments. This is usually done with the desire to get a heated reaction from other posters. Keep in mind that this is a Pokemon site, and our forums are not meant for instigating arguments. Where as members may have a difference in opinion, be sure to keep fighting to a minimum. Spamming can be considered multiple things; but overall, spam is any post that does not follow or contribute to the subject matter of the original topic, don't post YouTube video links that have people that commented with a curse, and, ALWAYS BE A GOOD SPORT.

STEP 2: Going up the Stairs
Ever wanted to become that mod? Ever wanted to get a chance to become special on a specific subject? Well, There is steps to this too. In order to become a mod, you CANNOT ask or nag to become a mod. WE WILL ASK YOU. If you want more info, please PM me.

STEP 3: If you break a Rule:
If you break a rule, you will get:
1st Time: Warning
2nd Time: 25% to Warning Bar
3rd Time: 25% to Warning Bar
4th Time: 25% To Warning Bar
5th Time: 25% To Warning Bar
6th Time: Week Suspension
7th Time: Month Suspension
8th Time: Ban, unless I release you due to good behavior
9th Time: IP Ban

STEP 4: Spamfests:
Spamfests are when people just post stuff that has nothing to do with the topic and start pointless topics. Only admins can do spamfests, unless it's actually (spamming).

STEP 5: PMing Member's About Your Site
You are not allowed to PM members about your site. They will probably decline, because they might think your nagging them, BUT, you can advertise in the Advertisement Forum.

STEP 6: Posting A Topic for your Forum Twice
If you post a topic for your forum twice, it will immediately be closed. Please. Nobody do this.

I hope you like the forums, and I will be looking forward to you joining!


Sat Apr 26, 2008 3:36 pm
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