HI Im Promoting a Computer game^^
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Author:  jupiter [ Thu Apr 03, 2008 2:43 am ]
Post subject:  HI Im Promoting a Computer game^^

Hello guys Im promoting a computer game called Tales Of Pirates form, This game is wonderful it has a amazing cartoon styled 3D Garphics and u have to buy a Item Mall Point cards to buy a Special Items in order for ur character become more powerful and stylish, and it has a huge landscape that makes exploring there become more exciting!!!And u have to buy a ship bec. 90% of the map there is consist of water!!!And theres also iteresting TREASURES there!!!u can also have A PET FAIRIES that can boost ur stats and can cast skills to aid u!!!!this game is really exciting, wonderful and really ADDICTING!!!

If u want to try this game go in this link:

After registering CLICK the CIRCLE beside the Tales Of Pirates Title Wallpaper then CLICK download then a new window will appear then go to the "activate game"window first then scroll it down then click "activate" and then after that take care of the download window then dowload the "uTorrent"software first and when the "uTorrent" software FINISHED downloading go to the download window again the click the "Download"link (Choose ANY of the 2 links) then after it finished downloading u can now play it^^Just dont forget to buy Item Mall Cards for buying Special Items in the Item Mall(IM for short)^^Thanks!!Hope u like the game^^Thank u!!!

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