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 Blade Mistress 
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This is definately one of the best RPGs I've ever played, it is server-based and has an amazing community. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys MMORPGs.
It is based in a world where the mistresses of the world go around and kill monsters using huge swords, use magic to create totems which are the armour and imbue staffs to use as weapons, or create huge swords and other things.

First things first, download the ‘Blade Mistress’ file from the link already given. Once you have done that move that file from ‘My Documents’ or wherever it has been saved to, and place it into ‘Programs Files’ in ‘My Computer’.

Now to get Blade Mistress to run:

1. Open Notepad

2. Type the following into the Notepad box:

CD Program Files
CD Blade Mistress
bbonline.exe -Nusername -Ppassword -W -X

--Replace "username" and "password" with your account information, or the information which you would like to use. Please remember to leave -N and -P alone.

3. Save the file as username.bat
--Save it onto the Desktop
--The .bat part is also needed as the name as it changed the file into the type that we need to run it.

4. Run the batch file.
--If this is the first time logging in, then you will be prompted to create the account. Click "Yes I Agree"

Additionally, this is only for one server. This server is not yet stable, so there is another server which is more stable. To enter into this server repeat the steps above. However change the information from step 2 so it reads:

CD Program Files
CD Blade Mistress
bbonline.exe -Nusername -Ppassword -W -X

This time however, save the file as Username2.bat or any other way which will help you to distinguish the difference between the two.

That is how to setup the game.

Next is creating a character. Click one of the create character buttons at the side.
You can change what your character wears, her hair colour and her face, as well as giving her a name.
You will also see that you have three criterias each saying; Physical, Magical and Creative.
Each of these corresponds to a different type of mistress in the game. Physical is a fighter, Magical a mage and Creative a smith.
Fighter is the most common and easiest to use among players as it raises the most funds, has better prospects and is more fun all in all.
Remove stats from others and add to the stats to correspond with the character you would like to be.

After you have done this and entered a name, which is at the very top, you will be transported into the game.
You move around using the square grids and the AWSD buttons or the arrow keys.
Go to one of the glowing green men, click and hold and drag the mouse to the ‘Trade’ button. If you are a fighter, which i suggest you start the game as, buy dodge as this is what determines your levels and makes you stronger throughout the game.
Then buy a weapon and go battle monsters throughout the world.

Each monster has different levels and you use these to level yourself up.

For more information on how to play Blade Mistress go to the wiki at

Additionally, join the community forum, and get to know the patrons of Blade Mistress and get yourself known, it makes the game easier and more fun.

I know there is alot there but the game is great fun and definately worth all the hassle. If you have any problems please do contact me either through a reply or my email address:

Thanks alot for reading :D

Thu Nov 22, 2007 12:07 pm
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