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 Gary's Movesets Analysis (Post-Sevii Islands) 
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Since I don't know the EV's or Natures for these guys I can only list/give opinion on the movesets.

Megahorn=Rock Tomb=Earthquake=Counter

Pros: Good physical sweeper, covers 11 types. Rock Tomb and EQ cover its weaknesses. Counter makes you pay if you use flying moves that can't deliver the coup de grace.

Cons: Doesn't take advantage of being a fighting type. Not a good opener.

-Alakasam*unknown to me
Psychic=Calm Mind=Shadow Ball=Reflect

Pros: CM and reflect togther increases special and physical Def, Shadow Ball makes quick work of other psychics type

Cons: Only covers 4 types. At the mercy of Dark and Steel types. If going to build up defenses and not have recover it should be given leftovers.

Crunch=Thunderbolt=Earthquake=Aerial Ace

Pros: Covers 11 types. All weaknesses except ground covered.

Cons: No physical STAB and Physical Attack is its best stat. Ground pokemon not covered. Sandstorm hurts other teammates and is useless if being faced by a ground, rock, or steel type.

Sleep Powder=Giga Drain=Psychic=Light Screen

Pros: Good moveset to kill those its supposed to. Generally will get first attack in if sunny day is used.

Cons:Only covers 5 types. Light Screen should be replaced with reflect since it has more physical weeknesses than special ones

Extreme Speed=Overheat=Iron Tail=Aerial Ace

Pros:Intimaidate saves it from ground and rock. Extreme Speed gets in first strike. Iron Tail covers rock weakness

Cons:Only covers 5 types. Overheat drops Sp Attack, should be replaced with fire blast/flamethower/heat wave. Aerial Ace and Overheat cover 2 of the same types.

Hyper Beam=Hydro Pump=Earthquake=Dragon Dance

Pros: Covers 7 types. Intimidate saves it from rock. Covers all weaknesses.

Cons:Hyper Beam leaves it open to attack, should be replaced with Return/Frustration. Easily defeated by a flying or levitating pokemon with an electric attack.

Sludge Bomb=Solar Beam=Sunny Day=Earthquake

Pros: Covers 8 types. 2 of 4 weaknesses covered. Takes advantage of ability.

Cons:2 of 4 weaknesses not covered. Sunny Day helps fire attacks. Useless against skarmories, gengars, and crobats.

Fire Blast=Earthquake=Dragon Claw=Aerial Ace

Pros:Covers 10 types. All weakness except water covered. Takes advantage of ability.

Cons: Vunerable to Water types. Aerial Ace and Fire Blast cover 2 of the same types, one should be replaced with Rock Slide.

Earthquake=Rain Dance=Hydro Pump=Ice Beam

Pros:Covers 10 types. All weaknesses covered. Rain Dance stops SolarBeam attacks and fire attack bonus as well as boosting Hydro Pump's power. Takes advantage of ability.

Cons: Rain Dance leaves it vunerable to Thunder. Difficulty facing other water types.

That's my take on his team: 7 out of 10

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Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:21 am
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I give him 6/10.
you wrote:
Cons: Rain Dance leaves it vulnerable to Thunder.

ZAPDOS useed THUNDER! *kills*
Mind you, it was lv 63 against the lv 74 my rival had.


Thu Dec 22, 2005 2:44 pm
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His first pokemon can be taken out with one move each (At least thats what happend to me).
Alakazam-Shadow Ball
Tyranitar- Hypnosis then Focus Punch
Exeggutor- Fire Blast
Arcanine- Hydro Pump

Then you could take out Venusaur with Fire Blast after Sunny Day.
Take out Charizard with a Rock Slide or two.
Then take out Blastoise with Gardevoir~'s strategy.

His team is very easy if you have your pokemon in the 70's.
I rate it 6/10

Thu Dec 22, 2005 5:19 pm
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