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 Possible Team Replacement 
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Hey there everybody. I'm new to these forums, and was hoping for an informed opinion about my team.

In the game, I am currently on Cinnabar Island.

My Team is:

Wartortle Lvl 35
Ice Beam
Water Pulse

Venomoth Lvl 39

Sandslash Lvl 40

Ninetales Lvl 35
Confuse Ray
Quick Attack

Raichu Lvl 37
Iron Tail
Double Team
Thunder Wave

Weepinbell Lvl 35
Giga Drain
Sleep Powder
Bullet Seed

My Team is obviously not Elite 4 ready, and I've still got plenty of work to do.

My problem is that I do not have enough Physical Attacks, so Sabrina's Gym was extremely hard and I won on pure luck.
At this rate, I'll have a hard time on the Psychic Elite.

I was planning on taking out Weepinbell and replacing it with either Dragonair, Muk, Onix, or some other Pokemon.

I would love your opinion on this.

Thanks in advance,

Mon Jul 13, 2009 7:14 am
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Bug Catcher
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I would get rid of Venmoth and replace it with Abra(Kadabra/Alakzaham) or Drowezze/Hyno. Better Psyhic then Venmoth.

Replace Weepinbell with Dragonite.
I was going to recommanded to restart to game and start out with Charamander because its a way better fire than Ninetales in LeafGreen unless you still have your eevee from Cealdon. And evolve it to Flareon or Jolten depending if you are restarting your game. Jolten for your Rachiu because right now I'm using a Jolten, its speed at 51-52 is at 176. Flareon for the fire type. I think is better than Ninetales. Sandslash umm?...I don't know because I hadn't really used one before.

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Tue Jul 14, 2009 9:49 pm
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Snorlax is an excellent physical attacker/special wall.

Note, though, that for in-game all you need to do is be somewhat close in levels to the Elite Four to win.

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Wed Jul 15, 2009 8:06 am
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@Sion9: Congrats on quadruple digit posts!

@chessmaniac109: Some other options you might consider would be better Psychic types as opposed to Venomoth. May I suggest Exeggutor? It's a great Grass/Psychic, and that way you still have a Grass-type on your team, leaving room for a Dragonite, or say a Snorlax. Depending on whether you want Speed (Jolteon) or HP (Raichu has more) for your Electric-type, that's up to you.

Sandslash may be really good, but for a Ground-type, I would suggest a Nido. They have the Poison half which can be good in the E4. The two reasons I would keep Sandslash are: 1) high level (which should still be higher across the board, BTW), and 2) great moveset.

Evolve your Wartortle, because Blastoise has some great stats. Plus, the extra HP boost will help. Nice way to finish off a battle with Blaine? (Unless you've already gotten the badge there...)

I feel sorry for you that your Fire-type is Ninetales. Either try and get Moltres (I think it's available early on in Sevii before you can't go further), or use Flareon (which is just about as bad...) However, if you don't want to restart your game (at this point, I could see why that would be true); those are the best fire options. You might also consider Rapidash...

Hope this helps!

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Sun Jul 19, 2009 12:34 pm
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For Sandlash:
You could replace it with a Nidoking, Snorlax, or try to have a Golem(if you can trade)...

For Venomoth:
A Kadabra would be fine, but Alakzam would be better(again if you can trade), Hypno/Drowzee, a Slowbro(I'd recommend this over Hypno/Drowzee), or even a Gengar(Another trade evo. Immunity to physical attacks could save your life)...

For Ninetales:
Sad that this is LG because I was supposed to recommend Arcanine(FR exclusive). Moltres is your best bet for a Fire type in your team...

For Raichu:
Well, it can save you from water types but you also have Weepinbell. But Weepinbell can't save you from Flying types, huh? I'd recommend you keep this and try to breed for attract later on...

For Weepinbell:
Well, it can save you from water types but you also have Raichu. It also can save you from Rock types but you already have Wartortle. You could replace it with Exeggutor but you will have to replace Venomoth with Gengar. Well I'd go for these two because it's better IMO...

Well, a beginner giving another beginner advice through experience...

I'm glad to have helped in some way...

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Mon Jul 20, 2009 10:39 pm
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