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 Extreme Boredom 
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I am bored and tired. I've been watching so many anime. I also watched extra cartoons. I jumped from Seven Deadly Sins to the most popular Attack on Titan, and finished those anime within the first week I got back into watching Japanese cartoons. Then I watched some Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. I watched Full Metal Alchemist, the original in Japanese, then Eureka Seven, since it's an old Adult Swim show, and finished that, then continued with Naruto, then continued with Inuyasha from before and watched it all the way to the end. Then I started watching Dragon Ball. When I reached Dragon Ball Z, I could only see 10 episodes of Dragon Ball Z on Hulu and I only saw the fourth Inuyasha movie. It was good ok, I suppose, but I was more interested in seeing what happened in the first and second ones.

I skip around so much. I started watching Inuyasha in March on my iphone since it's believed I can hear better because I'd be able to have the headphones in. Japanese has about 50 phonemes so later figuring out the sound of a word shouldn't be so hard.

As for the extras, the extra cartoons I've watched were Turkish, German, Swedish, and Russian cartoons, also including Finnish cartoons. I've watched Karrlson på taket, didn't even know whether I watched them in order or not, Masha and the Bear, I don't have a Russian keyboard anymore as I figure I can't read the script very well except when it comes to Leliko, but that'll be covered as a separate subject. All I do is read the letter patterns to check to see which ones are the same and which ones are different. I've watched Kuminakuja and listened to songs in Finnish. I've watched every episode of Laura's Stern consecutively in German and in order, and then when it comes to series, I've also watched Leliko in order in Turkish until I thought it was complete. I just spend some of all my days watching cartoons in the house. However that just majorly drags any of my forum activity down, and it was assumed I was banned from a lot of forums, but I just want to express myself. As for now all I have right now is Qubo. I also watched Death Note a long time ago back in 2011 until I completed watching the series. I just may not have gotten enough Japanese advice to keep this Japanese maintained fresh in mind!

I watched Pepee starting in January 2015 from when I watched all the episodes until the last one that was aired before starting on Leliko. At that point, I had watched a fraction of my Japanese cartoons, even more than my Bleach DVD's sitting on the shelf alone because there's more to the anime world than just Bleach, Swedish cartoons because Swedish cartoons seem to be getting fewer and fewer. I understand Swedish, but one weekend on my ipod, I was watching a play. The play was two hours long and in Swedish. Unfortunately, it cut off and never finished. I never got a chance to see the end of it. All I did was watch them get a laugh out of the magician pulling out the wrong box and saying, "fel fack." When pronounced, it sounded like, "feel ****!" There was also Kalle och Hans Nalle, I Nod och Lust, and lots of others! They are so good that some of them are just similar to the new F is for Family which premiered on Netflix last year. I didn't just notice it until this recently. I only saw the pilot episode of it. I'm just so busy with my life right now that I need to have my priorities in order.

I was watching a Turkish play and I figured that since the show is so long and since I'm going to be listening to something for two hours and if I have to listen to it for that long, I'd might as well pick something that I'd want to be listening to, like Swedish since Swedish grammar seems so interesting in the long run. Also I know that no matter what language I decide to listen to, I can always go and express myself talking in English, the language of the Americans. I tried going back and never found it.

After I was done watching Leliko on a certain day, I decided to join slateport but was banned. Then it went in a different direction and I ended up watching more Turkish cartoons, like RGG Ayas later in January after school started, and Pisi in March. I even worked to create a better calendar system that I could see and utilize for whatever purposes means necessary, but no one's assisting to build a better Starry Night free of glitches so that the time flow is much more better. So after February 29, the marked date in the 25 year calendar, I started watching Pisi as it was new in March of 2015. Then I watched Niloya, and I've only seen Leliko episodes in all episode order, including the extra ones from February that didn't last a very long time afterwards on youtube. I didn't watch every single episode of Niloya in order. I was going to do that in late June or early July last year. Regardless we went to Florida in the Spring of 2015, and I agreed to go. Probably because of reasons like this, but now I'm willing to increase the forum activity here. I can't do much about chat rooms as I hardly use mIRC anymore, plus not using it seems to protect my hostmask. When I went to Florida, I got one psychologist appointment behind, and I was even already farther behind when someone sent a long letter to slow me down because I had to do a whole bunch of listening instead of talking. I usually watch cartoons when I have time, but on hot days like these, I'm often thinking about something else. Pretty soon I'm going to be starting washing clothes and eventually packing for our next trip. It's in Washington to my aunt's house, and in order to be thinking about fun, I just hope to do what I can in the moment we're living in now.

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Maybe you should stop watching cartoons and take up reading

Sun May 07, 2017 7:00 pm
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