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 Am I The Only One? 
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Sometimes i feel like im the only adult that enjoys the Pokemon games. I was very little when the original Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow came out and i just loved the game. I was in 5th grade and it was required to know everything and i mean EVERYTHING about Pokemon to be cool. Every kid even got into the card game and i made this amazing fire deck that ran a 1st edition Holographic Charizard (and i still have that card protected so it stays in mint condition) and i could take out any deck including any Water deck i came across. But enough about that. I don't watch the show and i don't play the card game, but i still love the games. Not for the same reasons i did when i was a kid. I just loved them cause they made me cool as i knew everything about pokemon and no one could beat me in the card game. Now i love it because of its a very very good game. I love the almost endless challenges that the game has and all the different ways to raise your team. I mean every time you start it game over (even if its the same game u just started a new adventure) its always different. You have a different team at the end of it and they will never have the same moves. But to the main reason why i made this thread. I know no one that i can play with. I mean 1 of my friends has Silver and Blue and once in a blue moon he pulls it out and plays it for like 5 mins then puts it back away. But i know no one that has any of the new games and is always playing it like i do. (although i cant play the ones for the DS cause my DS is broke so i just play my Sapphire on my GBA SP that i still have) And so i feel like im the only adult that plays these games because i know no one that is remotely around my age that plays. I mean yeah i could find some kid at the Trading Card shop i go to almost very Saturday morning to play in Yugioh tournaments but A.) they are kids so it would be weird to start hanging out with 8 years olds. Im not a petirfile. B.) i wouldnt have fun playing with kids. Cause i couldn't actually talk to them. Just nerd out on Pokemon with them. So it leads me to believe that im the only adult that plays Pokemon.

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Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:06 am
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I don't think anything about pokemon belongs in this forum.

Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:31 am
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Phantasms wrote:
I don't think anything about pokemon belongs in this forum.

I think you're in the wrong more than trickster42 is, anyway. You didn't contribute anything to the thread other than pointing out that this thread is in the wrong forum (and it's not really), and we have moderators for that.

Trickster42, as much as I'd hate to close your thread because it could generate potential discussion, we already have a pretty active thread on this subject here, so please post there instead. ;)



Wed Mar 10, 2010 9:46 am
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