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Author:  Amphy [ Mon Sep 06, 2004 7:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Psypoke Trivia!

This week we will be holding a Pokemon Trivia! It will be on FRIDAY (1oth September) at 9PM EST. (8pm Fri 10th - Central, 7pm Fri 10th - Mountain, 6pm Fri 10th - Pacific, 1pm Sat 11th - NZ, 10am Sat 11th - NSW Australia, 9am Sat 11th - Western Australia)

For those of you new to the site, I will explain how it works. We have made a slight rule change which concerns the Elites.

Trivia is held in the chats. To get to the chats you can either use mirc or the java applet. To find out how to get into the chatroom click HERE. It is held in the room #psypoke.

We have a host who asks questions, this time it's me :)
When a question is coming, I will use a /me and say READY!? This indicates that you should sit there and get ready to answer. I will then /me the Question.
The questions will be Pokemon related and will be broken up into different categories (ie. Pokedex, Anime, Stats, RBY, GSC, RS)
If you know the answer, simply type it into the channel. If you are the first to answer correctly you get a point! I will /me with the person who got it correct first. The person with the most points at the end is the winner!

For this trivia, we will use the "Elite rule". The Elite rule applies to the Elite Four, TonberryKing, darkmind, Frost and myself. The Elite rule is that the Elites have to /notice the answer to the host. This means nobody else can see their answers. If the Elite gets their answer in first and it's correct, they will get a point. A point will also be awarded to the first non-Elite to answer correctly. If an Elite does not /notice the answer first, they do not get a point.

The other regular rules are:
-Nobody is to use /me except the host. This is to make it easier for everybody else playing.
-The person to get the point is the first to show up on the HOSTS screen. It will often be that your answer shows up on your own screen before it appears on the host's.
-If you have a dispute, private message the host. Do not message the host unless you have a dispute!
-For every 5 points you get, you will be frozen for 1 turn. This means you cannot answer that question. The host will let you know when you are frozen and are unfrozen.

Here is a sample of how it might work out:
* Amphy READY?!
* Amphy Anime - Which Pokemon did Ash catch in the Safari Zone?

<Jigglypuff> Krabby
<Nido> chansey
<TheCyberMew> nidoran?
<darkmind> toruso
<Jigglypuff> venonat
<Darkk> misty
<pika_master> tauros
* Amphy pika_master
* Amphy READY?!

In this example, Jigglypuff tried twice, which is fine, you can have as many goes at a question as you want. darkmind also tried to guess tauros but her typo was too severe to get any points. pika_master was the first to get it correct, and they would get a point.

So if you are interested in trivia, it is really good fun so come along! Even if you aren't very good you will get better with practice! FRIDAY 9PM EST in the chats! See you there!

Author:  TheCyberMew [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 5:41 am ]
Post subject: 

Toruso? That actually sounds like it could be the name of another Pokemon.

I'm really looking forward to trivia again, it's been so long. All newbies not to worry, I'm horrible at trivia, I just like to hang out and get a point or two.

Author:  Tom [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 9:30 am ]
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I've always (mildly) protested against such strictness. Because if it were in real life and we were answering verbally, it's obviously how it sounds, not spelt.

Author:  Nido [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 10:32 am ]
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As much as I'd love to attend, this ends up at 4:00 AM my time... and I don't think I'd wake up that early just for this... Oh well. You win some you lose some.

Author:  TheCyberMew [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 1:54 pm ]
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Tom wrote:
I've always (mildly) protested against such strictness. Because if it were in real life and we were answering verbally, it's obviously how it sounds, not spelt.

I say as long as it's easily recognizeable, it's ok. Ex. Torous

Author:  Jigglypuff [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:29 pm ]
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Krabby? Venonat? Honestly Amphy, I'm dumb but I'm not THAT dumb, ;P

Anyway, I'm looking forward to it. For first-timers, I hope you can read and type very fast, or you're going to have a tough time. In fact, these trivias were what taught me to type, lol. I wanted that AOp so bad, but I never have gotten in to date... maybe I'll get lucky this time.

So, Amphy, since we're being so strict on typos, my famous

* @wigglytuff7777 In which episode did Omanyte first appear in?
<+Jiggypufff> Atack of the prehisytokkic pokeosn
* @wigglytuff7777 Jiggypufff, good enough

won't cut it this time? ;P

(Yes, I did say I learned to type from these things; fast, not accurate)

EDIT: hehe! I just realized, that quote is from classic nicks night! We should do that on Friday; who's with me?

Author:  Amphy [ Tue Sep 07, 2004 2:36 pm ]
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Toruso was probably a bad example. If it's legible I will accept it. You're typo would probably pass cos I know what you mean. Toruso would have been right too.

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